About  Ecee Medical Inc.

   ECee Medical staff is comprised of Respiratory Therapist, Nurses, Care givers and Engineers dedicated to  produce high quality medical products used in Respiratory Home Care, for Phillips Respironics,  Trilogy Ventilator Listed below are several of our products:

Table Top Stands for mounting mechanical ventilators and heated humidifiers at the bedside

ECee Medical manufactures a Table Top ventilator mounting system for Phillips Respironics Trilogy Ventilator and the Fisher Paykel Heated Humidifier system 

CareFusion/Pulmonetics LTV series and Respironics Ventilators
that utilize Fisher Paykel heated humidifiers for the patients bedside.


ECee Space Cart   Discontinued 

ECee Medical manufactures various products specifically designed for organizing and optimizing the patient care work space, especially in
the Pediatric / Adult Sub-Acute units and Respiratory Home Care where space is limited.

The Space Cart provides a centralized mounting system for life support equipment and conserves space around the patient care area This 
Custom Heavy Duty Portable Multi-Purpose Life
Support Cart
in the prevention of life support equipment damage.

Our solution removes the need for multiple IV pump stands, feeding pump stands, ventilator stands, tables or stands for placing monitors ie; Apnea monitors, pulse oximeters, backup oxygen cylinders, backup power supplies, suction machines and more.

Medical equipment life support cart, pediatric and adult  subacute units, home care, ventilator dependant patients, mobility
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